Our Story

We've have been investing in each other for 23 years, and in Real Estate for over 15 years. We've lived in 5 different states, both been active duty in the military, have produced 4 amazing kids, and have acquired a fair sized portfolio of real estate, consisting of single family, small multifamily, and commercial properties.

Even though JP has worked a variety of jobs, and Sheri has a doctoral degree in Psychology, we both have found our best work and contribution in the field of real estate and real estate investing. We started small and simple, and over the years have gained significant experience. We've learned to pivot in how we invest, and we love being able to share opportunities with others. We also have come to understand the incredible value of collaboration. Working with others who are like-minded brings synergy to all the efforts and is an invaluable asset.

JP Fluellen

JP is the Managing Broker of Real Broker, LLC for the State of Wyoming and has been leading the Titan Real Estate Team since 2018, both in Wyoming and Colorado. He reached top Realtor status many years ago and outperforms his peers, which lead him to turn around and teach others how to be their best through real estate. He leads an investing Mastermind with his wife, Sheri, and is co-director of the Cheyenne Real Estate Investors Association. He co-hosts a Podcast on sales called "Real in the Field" and is active on his YouTube Channel, teaching others about real estate and sales. He is an extremely fun and talented guy and one of his passions is to entertain others (he was in a band for 7 years and has been a stand up comedian). You'll see his humor come out even in every day conversations.

Dr. Sheri Fluellen

Dr. Sheri is a Psychologist and a Certified High Performance Coach, working largely with real estate investors to help them maximize their life contribution through the financial benefits of real estate investing. She actively collaborates with other Syndication Investors, finding and creating strong opportunities for passive investors to grow wealth. She leads an investing Mastermind with her husband, JP, and is co-director of the Cheyenne Real Estate Investors Association. She also is an owner and leader in the Coaching Mastery Community, which is an international organization dedicated to helping coaches grow in their mastery of coaching and business, through the platform of a supportive and growth-oriented online community. She co-hosts "The Coaches Journey" Podcast and is active in creating a lot of video content to help educate and encourage investors.


Apartment Syndications are stable and profitable. They are resilient through every period of the economic market cycle of our economy.

Both recession-resistant and exponentially profitable during the boom years. It's a win-win, without worry and fear.

We have a few opportunities a year to bring passive investors along into our Apartment Syndications, with limited spaces available.

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